David "Doc" Moore for House District 100


David J.”Doc” Moore Announces Candidacy for election in House District 100

Feb. 22 2016 – Citing the state legislature’s continued need to focus on jobs and the needs of working Montana families, David J.“Doc” Moore today officially announced his candidacy for House District 100. He has worked in the past to prevent the University of Montana from building the new Missoula College on the open space in community known as the U of M Golf Course. During the 2015 session Moore fell one vote short of repealing Montana’s death penalty.

 “A lifelong native Montanan, I have become weary of the way our elected officials seem to consistently forget the average working family. Special-interest groups still dominate the political process in Helena, each working for their own self-centered goals. Our citizen legislators used to work towards building consensus between groups but have become mired in serving the needs of a few, while forgetting the rest of the citizens.” Moore stated in announcing his candidacy.  His special interest group is what is best for working families and Montana small businesses that create the majority of employment opportunities in the economy.